Facts you should know before buying an electric scooter

The most important electric scooter facts that help to know before buying from Eagle electric scooters!


Thinking of buying an e-scooter? Well here are some electric scooter facts that you should know before purchasing!

Most E-scooters cannot be used in wet weather

One little known electric scooter fact is that most are not designed or even capable of being ridden in the wet, on roads, through puddles and even simply in the rain. With many scooters, it is in the terms of their warranty that they must not be ridden in such conditions and wet electric scooter riding will void the warranty. Thus, it is important to ensure that you purchase a waterproof electric scooter if you plan to use it in a variety of weather conditions.

Not all electric scooters can carry the same amount of weight 

At Eagle, our electric scooters come in a range of sizes and depending on your weight or if you ride with a heavy bag, it may be worth considering shopping for one of our larger model scooters. A boring but nonetheless important electric scooter fact! 

You need an electric scooter with a sufficient motor for inclines 

Third, up in our list of electric scooter facts is pointing out the importance of choosing an e-scooter with a powerful enough motor to deal with inclines. Eagle recommends choosing an electric scooter with at least a 300W motor to ensure a fun and easy transport. 

Bigger wheels, smoother ride 

The fourth of our electric scooter facts is revealing that bigger wheels, with air-filled tyres, will give riders a smoother experience. Fortunately, we have a range of scooters at Eagle coming in a variety of sizes, including a larger model that will provide riders with ultimate comfort as they get from A to B. 

You must be aware of fake and low-quality scooters

Perhaps the most important on our list of electric scooter facts is that there are many fake and low-quality products on the market. Buying from a disreputable source will increase the chance of brake failure, wheels falling out or battery failure, which can be extremely dangerous when riding. For peace of mind, it is always better to buy directly from a trusted seller. This is why it is important to make sure you are well versed on important electric scooter facts before you buy! If you want to shop our range of trusted electric scooters, check out this link.

Electric scooters were invented in 1915

Now for perhaps the most entertaining and interesting of our electric scooter facts! So, the electric scooter was actually invented back in 1915...It was called the Autoped and it was built by the Autoped Company of America. This may seem surprising, but back at the inception of personal vehicles, electric vehicles were a common idea, before internal combustion took over, with the first electric production vehicle being made in London way back in 1884. Whilst we feel rather techy on our Eagle electric scooters, just think that way back in 1915, someone was whizzing about on an electric scooter just like you.

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