How to set up your electric scooter 

Here is what you need to do before you can spread your wings and fly your nest!


So! You have finally taken the plunge and bought an Eagle scooter. Now, you want to know how to set up your electric scooter. Well, firstly, you can rest assured that you have bought a market-leading product, with a high level of quality assured. All that is left to do is get that battery charged and you are good to go! Whilst you wait for your Eagle Scooter to fully charge, here are some important steps that ensure you know how to set up your electric scooter correctly. 

Get that bad boy out of the box 

Grab your new Eagle scooter by the baseplate and carefully lift it out of the packaging. It is important that you do not pull the electric scooter out of the box by the bars or the stem, just to be extra careful not to cause some damage! Once you have carefully lifted your Eagle scooter from its nest, put it on the ground, activate its kickstand and make sure it does not fly away! Ok, sorry, no more bird puns, we promise. It also may be worth keeping the scooter’s box for the entirety of your scooter's warranty period in the rare case that you need to return the product. 

Let’s get this little eagle upright

Now you have lifted this precious puppy out of its box and removed any protective pieces of packaging still on the scooter, it is time to get this bad boy unfolded so the bars are sitting upright. Eagle-eyed customers may have already located the stem bolts (OK I know we said no more bird puns but we couldn’t resist) but if not, don’t fret, they should be in a sealed packet, in the box. The bolts go in the empty holes on the stem, they should be pretty easy to locate but if you are having a bit of trouble spotting them, you can consult the manual inside the box. Once they are in, give them a little tighten, with the provided allen key, till you can’t tighten them anymore and there you go! Your Eagle is almost ready to spread its wings. There we go with another pun, who said a guide on how to set up electric scooters couldn’t be fun?


We are almost there! It is almost time for you to feel the wind beneath your wings on your new Eagle scooter. One of the most important steps in this guide on how to set up an electric scooter is to ensure you charge the battery fully before riding the scooter for the first time. This is important to preserve the long term health of the scooter’s battery. Whilst you are waiting for this, you can take the time to read the manual, make yourself aware of all the warning symbols on the product and enjoy all of our terrible bird puns in this guide on how to set up your electric scooter.

So there you are...That is how to set up an electric scooter. Now it is time for you to get your claws into your brand new Eagle Scooter. You will feel light as a feather with our top quality product. We think you’ll find your scooter “eggcellent.” OK, I promise you we are done. Any questions fire us an email and check out our range of market-leading scooters. 

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