How to use the Eagle Scooter App

Our purpose built, innovative app is designed to enhance your riding experience.


Where to start

Congratulations on buying an Eagle Scooter! If you want to enhance your riding experience, you can download our app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Eagle EScooter app lets you customise your journey, whether it's changing the ride mode, locking your electric scooter or managing cruise control. The app is designed to make your riding experience even better. The Eagle Scooter app is compatible with both Android and Apple phones and we will include some screenshots below to help you understand how to use it below.

'Appy days

Our app is built to support the entirety of our range of electric scooters. So, if you have another brand of scooter, but want to benefit from our market-leading app, you will need to consider upgrading to an Eagle Scooter. You can check out our range of quality assured scooters here.

We have developed our Eagle Scooter app to allow riders to take their riding to the next level. The Eagle Scooter app should work with all iPhones that have iOS 9 and above and riders with Android phones with the operating system 5.0 and above. The Eagle Scooter app also requires a mobile device that supports Bluetooth. If all that sounds good then it is time to get the Eagle Scooter app downloaded, get your scooter charged and get riding!

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