How to keep your electric scooter maintained

The maintenance of your electric scooter is an important thing to consider. 


On the whole, there is very little one must do in terms of maintenance of your electric scooter. They are a very simple and easy mode of transport and you should not have to deal with any complex problems with an Eagle scooter. However, if you want to keep your product running smoothly and in tip-top shape for a long long time, the maintenance of your electric scooter is an important thing to consider.

Your scooter battery

The battery of your electric scooter is by far the thing that requires the most TLC. There is nothing that complicated that you must do, by way of maintenance of your electric scooter but there are some tips you can follow to prolong your Eagle’s battery life.

For a start, buying from us ensures you will have an industry-leading battery to start with, that will have a significantly longer lifetime than a battery from a cheaper model scooter. All batteries have a finite lifespan, however, you can extend this life by not running the battery to empty, too often. If you can manage your battery life closely, by keeping the battery at about 90% as often as possible, you will be providing the optimum conditions to ensure a long lifespan of your scooter’s battery. 

You're in charge(r)

Another important thing to note when considering maintenance of your electric scooter is your charger. At Eagle, we strongly recommend that you only use the charging cable that came with your Eagle scooter. Cheap and counterfeit chargers can have negative impacts on your battery and can undo any of your endeavours towards the maintenance of your electric scooter. If you lose or misplace your Eagle charger, and you look elsewhere for a replacement, you run the risk of buying aftermarket chargers that can lead to instant damage and breaking of your scooter’s battery. So again, we urge you to consider just using the charger you receive with your Eagle scooter. 

Bits and bolts

Beyond this, ensure that all the bolts and other parts of your scooter are sufficiently tight. Follow the guidance in your user manual to ensure you do not damage your electric scooter but on the whole, you should be fine to use simple household tools for the maintenance of your electric scooter. It is also important to ensure that your tyres are sufficiently pumped before riding. Riding your Eagle Scooter with flat or worn down tyres can be dangerous and thus you should monitor them accordingly. Keep an eagle eye on your rear tyre as the scooter’s back brake can wear down the tyre significantly faster than the rate your front tyre will wear from standard riding.

For your safety, it is also important to consider the maintenance of your scooter’s brakes. Pads and discs may need replacing and thus it is important to observe the performance of your scooter’s braking as you continue to ride.

If you are reading this, it is likely you are considering the maintenance of your current or future scooter. You can rest assured that by buying a scooter from Eagle, you will guarantee that it will have a relatively long lifespan compared to other scooters on the market, thanks to our market leading technology. If you want to buy with confidence, check out our range of electric scooters.

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