I want to know how E-scooters work!

Let's run you through all you need to know about e-scooters and how they work. 


E-scooters are extremely simple products to use and maintain, which makes them convenient modes of transport that do not require complicated processes to operate. Here we will run you through all you need to know about e-scooters and how they work. 

So, how exactly do these scooters work?

Well, when the rider pushes the throttle, this activates the motor in the wheel that drives the scooter forward. The throttle is incredibly easy to use, by simply pushing down on the ergonomically placed toggle on the handlebars, your scooter will start to move! 

E-scooters are made of rather simple components. The battery, of course, is extremely important, with the voltage, charge, and energy storage capabilities being a major factor governing the e-scooter’s performance and the distance it can go on a single charge. At Eagle, we are extremely proud of our market-leading battery technology, which allows our scooters to go further than any other mainstream escooter. 

The e-scooter’s motor is also just as important as the battery technology in terms of governing performance. The quality of the scooter’s motor will become apparent when the rider travels up an incline, with cheaper scooters often struggling on anything other than perfectly flat terrain. In addition to this, the e-scooter’s overall speed is also dependent on the quality of the motor. Buying an electric scooter from Eagle means one is buying a market-leading product, with high-end batteries and motors. 

How can I go fast on my electric scooter?

In terms of functionality, riders control their e-scooter through the screen and the throttle on the handlebar. The commands on the LED screen in the centre of the handlebars determine the speed setting and display the battery charge level whereas the throttle is a simple and intuitive way to get your scooter moving. For further safety and comfort, there is also a brake handle similar to that of a bicycle on all Eagle e-scooters and riders can even activate a cruise control setting for additional ease of transport. 

Regarding convenience, e-scooter parts are generally neatly tucked into the frame, usually aluminium, and are often foldable for convenience. Eagle e-scooters also have a solid deck with grip tape, similar to that on a skateboard, to further ensure rider safety, comfort and ease of use. 

It is worth knowing whether your e-scooter has a motor in the front of the rear wheel. Rear motors feel as if they are pushing the e-scooter forward, similar to how bicycles generate power at the rear wheel, whereas front motors pull the e-scooter forward. Either way, your e-scooter will be easy to ride. However, it is good to know which wheel is motorised to avoid any surprises the first time you set off on your e-scooter. 

The beauty of these e-scooters is that you do not need to be an expert to operate one. They are super simple, intuitive and fun to ride. When you feel you are familiar with the tech involved in an e-scooter, head over to our store and explore our range of Eagle e-scooters and discover your next, entertaining, mode of transport.

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