The big Eagle guide to buying an electric scooter

Why should you buy an Eagle electric scooter? How to choose what's best for you!


Thinking about buying an electric scooter? If so, you would be considering buying a fast, fun and environmentally friendly way to travel that doesn't leave you in need of a shower when you get to your destination. It may be rather intimidating, with the level of options on the market, but fret not, we have a comprehensive guide to buying an electric scooter to put your mind at ease. 

Quality of Ride: 

Looking at an electric scooter’s ride quality is an important first step. Some cheaper models struggle on anything other than perfectly smooth surfaces. Whilst you may be shown a perfectly sleek looking model on a website for a slight saving, in practice, these low-quality scooters particularly struggle and many give up using them after just a few rides. This is why it is imperative that you buy your electric scooter from a reputable, UK based company. 

At Eagle, we recommend buying an electric scooter with air-filled tyres if you are looking to do a considerable amount of off-road riding. However, all Eagle scooters are of the highest quality and ensure a leading level of ride quality, so buyers can put their minds at ease. It is also vital that riders continue to monitor their tyre pressure and refill when low. E-scooters that have solid tyres and thus require no air are incredibly low maintenance but lack a high level of ride quality. 

Brakes are also an incredibly important facet of your electric scooter and skimping on the quality of an electric scooter means compromising on brake quality and thus compromising on your safety. Cheaper machines will also be unable to climb inclines and that is why all Eagle electric scooters are made to market-leading standards, to ensure a quality ride no matter where you take your e-scooter. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, it is important to buy from a reliable brand to ensure safety, ease and quality of ride. 

Water Resistance:

What most do not realise is that many electric scooters are not waterproof. This little known electric scooter fact is that most are not designed or even capable of being ridden in the wet, on roads, through puddles* and even simply in the rain. With many scooters, it is in the terms of their warranty that they must not be ridden in such conditions and wet electric scooter riding will actually void the scooter’s warranty! Thus, it is important to ensure that you purchase a waterproof electric scooter if you plan to use it in a variety of weather conditions.

 At Eagle, we have ensured that all of our scooters are ready for use in the rain, so they are built with our glorious British weather in mind. Therefore, you can put your mind at ease when buying an electric scooter from Eagle.

*Puddles should be avoided where possible and riding through puddles over 20mm could void the warranty.

Maximum Load:

At Eagle, our electric scooters come in a range of sizes and depending on your weight or if you ride with a heavy bag, it may be worth considering shopping for one of our larger model scooters. This is important to regard when buying an electric scooter as not all models can carry the same weight. If your scooter is not suited to the weight it is carrying, both performance and safety will be compromised. Eagle Scooters can carry up to a ​​150kg load*, so one can put their mind at ease when shopping for an electric scooter at Eagle. If you plan on using your electric scooter with a heavy pack, for example, it may be worth investing in one of the larger Eagle Scooter models. It is also worth noting that some scooters fold for easier transportation and storage, whereas some do not. Make sure you are aware of this before you buy, especially if you have to carry your scooter for a considerable distance after you are done riding. 

Battery Range: 

Often, scooter manufacturers’ battery range estimates are optimistic, best-case statistics. Just like accounting for speed, most statistics are calculated with a lighter person riding on a flat, optimal surface with a brand new battery. When buying an electric scooter, it is important to remember that cheaper models’ batteries will diminish with each charge. Many electric scooters have battery ranges of 15 to 20 miles. More expensive models can often have 20 to 30-mile ranges and some premium scooters can even run for up to 50 miles! If you want to ensure your electric scooter has solid battery technology, shop our range of electric scooters here.


OK. Here is what you have all been waiting for. How fast do these bad boys go? Now at Eagle, we implore you to ride safely. As with any mode of transport, if you are not careful, safety can be a concern. However, our scooters are of the highest quality and as long as the rider is sensible, there should be absolutely no concerns.

Now, most electric scooters have a top-level speed of about 15mph, which in the open air of an Eagle Scooter feels rather fast! There are some electric scooters that can max out at about 40mph, which is incredibly fast for a scooter. We do not recommend travelling at such speeds on machines with such small wheels. When looking at buying an electric scooter, and taking speed into consideration, it is worth noting that faster models require larger batteries and these tend to be rather expensive.

Speed can also vary significantly depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain one is riding on. At Eagle, we feel a speed of about 15mph is optimal. Please ensure you wear a helmet when riding and stay safe and have fun! 

Scooter Reliability: 

Electric scooters have only hit the mainstream in recent years and this means the market is flooded with some subpar quality products. We highly recommend that when buying an electric scooter, you do so from a trusted brand in order to assure your safety and the durability of your product. Buying from a trusted seller means your product can be covered by an effective warranty. If you buy from an overseas seller, there is a chance your warranty’s coverage may be a little thin and lead to your product not being fixed when there is an issue.

Therefore, when buying an electric scooter, we recommend you do so from a UK business so you receive a UK warranty. Thereby eliminating the risk of having to send your scooter halfway around the world for a minor repair. Counterfeit electric scooters are also a problem for potential customers, who risk accidentally buying a faulty machine when looking for a bargain. Again, we highly recommend buying from a UK based company in order to assure rider safety and the coverage of a worthwhile warranty. 

Price price price:

Many of our customers choose to finance their scooter to make it more affordable by spreading the initial cost over a few months. If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter but are concerned about the initial cost, you can explore our range of finance options on one of our product pages.

Import duty is another important price facet that is worth considering if you are looking at cheaper models. Many businesses advertise sleek-looking products at an incredibly low price. However, shoppers sometimes get stung by hefty import fees as these cheaper models arrive from overseas. In these unfortunate circumstances, the buyer has to pay around 30% of the item’s cost to receive their scooter. In order to avoid any nasty surprises, it is best to order the product from a UK based retailer. Further to this, postage fees can become incredibly expensive for these products if they come from overseas, so customers looking at buying an electric scooter need to be aware. 

Buy with confidence. Buy from Eagle. 

Unlike many cheaper outlets, we have our stock here in the UK, ready to dispatch to you. This means, no long wait times for your electric scooter, no excessive postal fees and no nasty surprises by way of import charges! Since we build our electric scooters and ensure they have that Eagle quality finish, you can rest assured you are buying a top-quality product that is suitable for our beautiful British weather. We have a range of finance options available for customers and we have electric scooter experts at hand to provide any information you may need about your product. When buying an electric scooter, you can purchase with confidence, here at Eagle.


*GT and RS models

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