Research & development

We’re proud to have built an industry leading R&D team of electric scooter designers and engineers who have a wealth of knowledge in battery and electric motor technology. The team is constantly researching of market trends and technology improvements to continually enhance the quality of our products and give you the best riding experience possible.

Tried and Tested

All of our e-scooters are put through a rigorous testing process before they go on sale to ensure that your experience with all Eagle products is smooth and trouble free. We take pride in our research and development processes to ensure we always provide market leading products for all of our customers.

Thus, every Eagle e-scooter has been crafted to the highest level with maximised comfort, battery technology and performance. In addition to this, here at Eagle, we optimise all of our products to be as sustainable as possible and take care to ensure that we deliver a fun, functional and sustainable scooter, every time.

Creating Market Leading Products

As we have mentioned we take great care to ensure that we consistently deliver market leading products for all of our customers. We do so, through our extensive research and development processes, to guarantee the highest level of quality and manufacturing across all aspects of our e-scooters. We are committed to consistently producing market leading scooters and pride ourselves on providing industry best safety, performance and battery technology.

Premium build

Premium Build

An e-scooter like you have never experienced before. Fly further and explore more with our market leading technology, here at Eagle scooters.

Improved range

Improved Range

Digital interface

Digital Interface