We know that by being interested in electric scooters you’re passionate about making a difference and we acknowledge our part in helping you do so. Eagle Scooters was founded on a vision of making a real, meaningful and long-standing impact on our planet, starting with the way we all travel every day. We know it’s one thing to talk the talk – but quite another to walk the walk.

Market Leading Sustainability

Our ambition is to make movement more sustainable. To do so, we know we need to play a big part ourselves, not just in the design and build of electric scooters but right across our supply chain and how we conduct our business. This is why we're constantly looking for new ways to make ourselves greener and minimise our impact on the environment. Here's an overview of some of the things we've done so far to do just that…

Being digital first

Every year, hundreds of tons of waste is generated from retail spaces alone, this is why we made the decision to be a digital first business. Not only does this reduce our energy consumption, we minimise print material and prevent people (staff and customers) driving to our shops - all of which significantly reduces our carbon footprint and the waste we create.

Market leading product innovations

We take the design and manufacturing process of our products very seriously. We acknowledge that when you buy an electric scooter you don't just want it to be sustainable on the go but also have as little impact on our planet through the materials and processes we use to make it. This is why in every decision we make and process we undertake, we're thinking about the impact we're having on the world. We invest significantly in research and development to source best practices and the most sustainable materials possible.

Sourcing sustainable components

We know that sustainability of electric scooters goes beyond their use but in how they are made, this is why we select components for our e scooters from local supply chains around the area of manufacturing, minimising our carbon footprint. We also keep packaging to a minimum and use recyclable materials where possible.

Carbon minimal transport

Beyond ensuring our electric scooters are as sustainable as possible, we understand that to deliver our vision, sustainability must go further and be a part of our entire supply chain. With this in mind, we have carefully selected our partners based on their own sustainability ambitions, actions and impact. We're proud to partner with world leading logistics partners to manage the fulfilment of our electric scooters that have ambitious net zero strategies and are helping us on our net zero journey.